Thursday, June 11, 2009

5 Days

5 work days till I leave my charges of almost 16 years.

This weekend I have a lot of down time and I’m a bit scared of it.

How will it be?

Will I be sad most of it?

I do have some fun stuff planned to. I am going to see my youngest charge on Sunday at her game. That will be nice. I may invite the kids to a drive in movie to Saturday. I'm going with family. These things give me peace. I see "my kids" a lot when I'm not on work duty so I keep telling myself how special things like that will be.
The last few night I have worked late. So weird to me that I am working late, doing all the things I always do like helping M clean her room, or helping K do homework and yet they will have to take it over in 5 short days. It’s crazy. Life goes on. I think that their summer will be fun.

Camps and hanging with friends. I think the hard part for my bosses will be the fall. That's when things kick into high gear.
I have been thinking how much should I see them when I go? Should there be a limit? If I want to see them a lot will people think I’m crazy? I don’t know. I love those kids and if they get" free sitting like someone said to me I really don’t care. I’m not seeing them to give a break to the parents I’m seeing them because I love them. That's it.
5 days to go...Oh boy............

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  1. Jen,
    I think you are doing a good job of pondering the questions. I don't think we ever truly know the answers to the questions till we are acting on them.
    You will know how long the time will be to be the "right amount".
    I have to say that I left my job of 4 years and I have only seen the kids 3 times. They live 15 mins from me. It is really odd feeling somedays, when I realize that I could have done a better job communicating with them, but didn't. Then I realize that sometimes communication is out of my hands and in the parents' hands.
    Enjoy your final day with your kids. Let your tears and happiness show.