Monday, December 2, 2013

Transitions by Marni Kent

Transitions by Marni Kent

Just like many of you, I myself have gone through transitions that have changed my life; personally and professionally.
When things like this happen I suppose the first thing to ask yourself is, what's the situation and why don't you think it can change? Sometimes things feel impossible but that's because we are depressed or too close to the situation to see clearly. There might be a solution if you can talk to someone about it; a friend, family member or someone who has been there like a peer.

Beyond that, how do you stay strong? Well, for most people it's really just a matter of getting through it. Getting up every day, eating, showering, going to work/school/whatever and coming home, sleeping and doing it all over again. That doesn't sound very helpful but that's how it generally is; life keeps going on no matter what and you go along with it and eventually some time has passed and things change or you don't feel as bad anymore. Some people find solace in religion or spirituality, some distract themselves with books and TV and friends, and some people can't enjoy anything so they just feel terrible all the time.
 If you're able to still enjoy things, try to spend as much time doing those things as possible, and wait it out. Nothing stays the same forever.

When I reached out to a friend/ peer when I was going through a difficult time in life (Glenda Propst the owner of Nanny Transitions) she gave me advice that at the moment did not fit all of what I was going through but on down the road it clicked.
Eventually I realized that there are some stages of transition that apply whether the transition is work or personal.
Over the last few years, I have found Nanny Transitions to be an amazing source not just for myself but for sharing with other nannies.
Nanny transitions helped me remember to ask myself these important questions.

What qualities do you have in your nanny career?
What characteristics do you possess that make you an excellent nanny?
What inherent attributes allow you to enjoy your job?
 Stop and think for a moment about what your employers like about you.
What do the children like about you?
What do other people like about you?
I want you to think about the answers to those questions and then I want you to think about the qualities you possess that resonate energy in all aspects of your life.

I am going to sponsor 3 Scholarships to the 2014 INA Conference.
Two scholarships will go to nannies who have never been to the INA Conference and one will go to a nanny who has attended a previous conference.
The scholarship recipients will be able to choose from 4 different topics to write their essays.
I will be sharing more details with you as the time gets closer but for now I would like for you to think about the first essay topic:
How has Nanny Transitions helped you through transitions in your job?

Stay tuned over the next few weeks and we will be sharing more information.
I am so excited to share this opportunity with you because both Nanny Transitions and INA mean a lot to me.
Marni Kent