Monday, August 3, 2015

Touched by Jenn Gay

Submitted by Carli Lintemuth

When I started my current position I was a bit nervous. I had never worked with teens, how was this going to work? Would they hate me…would they be miserable, hormonal, teens filled with angst?!

But I had a lifeline, someone to hold my hand. You see, Jenn Gay has been with her nanny family for 22 years. You read that right, TWENTY TWO years! She has been with Alex, Kyle, and Marisa from birth through college. Jenn is a shining example of the kind of relationship you can have with your older charges. To hear her excitement when Alex comes home from college, or when Marisa FaceTimes her after a trip to the mall, or just sharing a meal with Kyle and his girlfriend. Jenn has been a wonderful mentor to me, showing me how to develop and cultivate solid relationships with my teen charges.

These days Jenn does’t work much as a nanny, her career has shifted. But as we all know, the title of “nanny” doesn’t necessarily describe a job you do, but rather it describes the person you are. 

Jenn has shown me that while jobs change, and relationships evolve, the special bond between a nanny and her charges is something that can last a lifetime.

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  1. THANK YOU CARLI, You are the best You are am amazing friend LOVE YA