Monday, July 20, 2015

Touched by Donna Robinson

Touched by Donna Robinson
            Submitted by Kim Dillon

I am honored to share with the world, how a prized and precious Nanny has touched my life and career.
Enter “ Donna Robinson”… aka The Traveling Nanny, on behalf I write this loving blog/note.

I met Donna 14 years ago, at an INA Conference. Little did I know, the organization assigned Donna and I to speak together at the same workshop. Speaking engagements are not exactly my forte, and I was quick to share this with Donna Robinson.
However, being coupled with Donna in the same room blessed me beyond belief. We had an instant rapport with one another.
I clearly remember turning to her and saying, “You go first!” and she did.

As Donna spoke, with such enjoyable humor, and delivered the message amazingly, I knew I wanted her to be my nanny friend forever. I also learned something very valuable from Donna Robinson that day… “ Private Victories precedes Public Victories.”
Save me Donna, and she did!

This blog/note is about Donna Robinson, but it is about much more than that. As I chronicle the past 14 years, (and counting)
of friendship, mentoring, guidance, advisor, cheerleader, sisterhood and buddy, she is so much more. I am especially grateful to her.

A memory of light so many years ago… and today, a beaming light - beaming strong! Thank you Donna Robinson, for being one of my earth angels and guiding spirit. God sure knew what He was doing when He let us cross paths.

Your Texas Friend,
Miss Kimmie

              Kim Dillon      

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