Friday, June 5, 2009

A very special birthday message for Harriette

On Harriette's birthday, I had a very special comment on my blog that I didn't want you to miss.
It was from Sylvia, Harriette's first charge.
If you read the book "Like a Second Mother" by Barbara Blouin, you might remember the very poignant chapter in the book called "Closing the Nursery Door" which Sylvia wrote about her beloved nanny that she affectionately called "Rat"
Next week I will be posting my give away for the month of June which is a copy of the book "Like a Second Mother" by Barbara Blouin but right now I hope you enjoy this note from Sylvia.

Happy Birthday to Rat!

You know how people say you never truly appreciate your parents until you have children yourself? The same holds true for your nanny.As I fumble through raising my daughter and son (10 and 8), I sure wish Rat were here to give me advice ... and make me laugh.

I knew the young Harriette, who let my sister pierce her ears with a needle at the kitchen table and loved Elvis. I never got my chance to take her to Graceland.

BTW, I am at the start of a long and slow project to write a biography of Harriette, who moved into our house at age 19 to be my nanny and never dreamed she'd be a labor activist. If you'd like to share a memory or comment about Harriette ... or would be willing to let me interview you about Rat, the nannying profession, or any other tangent, please drop me an e-mail at

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