Wednesday, June 17, 2009

3 Days Left

I have three short days left till the end of my job. I had a great day today. The kids were a bit under the weather so they stayed home. It was actually good becauseI got to spend the whole afternoon with no rushing around with the kids. I really enjoyed that. I am going to come in early Friday and spend more time than I usually do there. That will be a nice thing too.
I am happy that I am taking a long 5 hour car ride with them to their grandparents house. My friend lives in the same town. I also have some dates to see them lined up and that makes life easier.
I think in the summer it will be easy to see them. The Fall will be the hardest when a schedule goes into effect. Im hoping by then I feel better.

Today would have been my bosses baby's 4th birthday. He died at birth. So it made this a day for thinking about other things.
3 days left..

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  1. Sounds like a difficult, but good day Jenn. In some ways its good sometimes to have something else to think about. And always nice when the kids are home instead of having to rush. :)