Monday, August 17, 2015

Touched by a Nanny: Cindy Wilkinson

Touched by Cindy Wilkinson

Submitted by :  Stephanie Felzenberg

When it comes to nannies there are only a handful of ladies I consider mentors, as true professionals, and as the type of caregiver I strive to be like. There are even less I would hire in a heartbeat to be my nanny if I were a mother.

From what I can tell, Cindy Wilkinson  is the perfect nanny.  She is passionate about her career and the children in her care. She gives 100 percent of her heart, time, love, and energy to those in her care.

Then, there is her music. Music can be inspirational and fun for anyone at any age, but especially for children. Her musical albums,
"Jumping Up to the Moon" and "Jumping Down the Road" are excellent and all of my charges love her interactive songs. But to see her in action -- singing with kids -- is magical. I emphasize she sings with children (not to them) because she gets them laughing, singing, jumping, and dancing.

As a nanny, Cindy is the best role model and mentor of a caring, professional, and passionate caregiver. Working as a nanny is truly her calling and she is an inspiration to other nannies. Any family would be lucky to have such a kind and loving caregiver as their nanny. I am lucky to call her my mentor and friend.
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