Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How to Know if You Are a Pre Griever, or a Post Griever and Why it Matters

I love to hear from people on my facebook page or on the blog page. It's especially exciting when someone outside of the nanny community finds the page and shares information with me that can be applicable to nannies in transition.
Sarah E Smith shared this post with me today and I thought it was really insightful regarding nannies in transition and how we all grieve differently.
I hope you will follow the link and read the post and then take some time to explore her blog that she does with a group of wise and wonderful women who are serving overseas.

It is not only the most difficult thing to know oneself, but the most inconvenient one, too. –H.W. Shaw

The two-sided coin for relationships when you live overseas is you get to meet a lot of wonderful people but you find they rotate in and out of your life more so than the average person living in your home country.
For the most part I have been the one staying with others going. Years ago, I was preparing to return to the States for a three year stint. Coincidentally, my dear friends were doing the exact same thing, departing for three years.  Having someone going down such a parallel path was a rarity and provided an interesting and unintended “emotional” laboratory as my friend Anne and I reacted so differently to the upcoming return to the US.
Please follow this link to Velvet Ashes and read the rest of this article and while you are there, look around and explore a little bit....and don't forget to leave a comment!