Monday, June 29, 2015

Touched by a Nanny:Kenda Horst

 submitted by Marni Kent

As a nanny of many years, I have, like many of you, moved to a new city and state. In 2009 when  I moved to San Francisco I  settled into work just fine but there was always that need to connect with other  nannies for play dates, professional support and of course “Girl Talk”
 Another  nanny friend Deirdre Bellows told me about a nanny named Kenda I should get to know.
 Our charges were a few months apart so we had a lot in common. We did lots of playdates and outings and had similar work ethics. We became good friends.
Kenda is someone who does not seek recognition for her work as a nanny but as a nanny she is a great example of what a professional nanny should be.
She also deserves recognition for her ongoing work as a volunteer in the LGBT community.
As a nanny she is a child advocate, nutritionist, cook, and nanny whisperer. Even my 3 year old usually shy charge loves to be with her.
 She and her longtime partner are always willing to open their home to others.
Kenda became my friend when I really needed another nanny connection and my life is forever changed because she is my friend.
Kenda Horst is someone you should get to know and she has touched many families and children for over 20 years. She has my deepest respect, and I'm glad to call her my peer and good friend!

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